Benefits of 2200 Series Precision Move Slave Driven Conveyors



  • Link multiple conveyors with 1 drive
  • Adjustable angle from 0° to 25°
  • Variety of timing belt ratios available
    • 1:1, 1.27:1, 1.75:1, 2:1 can be used to speed or slow down the conveyor
  • Can not be used with cleated belt applications
  • Change belt types on each conveyor
  • Includes tie plates, pulley kit, tension adjustment and guard
  • Maximum number of conveyors = 3
  • Save money by using less drives
  • Pull or close gaps between product
  • Flexibility to create your solution
  • Utilize low, high friction belts, and/or multiple speeds in a single configuration


Drive Accessories
T-Slot Mounting
Fixed End Stops
Adjustable End Stops
T-Slot Extenders
T-Slot Dust Cover
Side Tables
Table Top Mounting Brackets
Motion Control

Manuals & Literature

Engineering ManualsPagesFile Size
 2200 Series Engineering Manual10812.99 MB


LiteraturePagesFile Size
Flexible Packaging Brochure6 1.12 MB
2200 Series Conveyors Brochure53 MB


Standard Specials Specification SheetPagesFile Size
2200 Series Common Drive Package6 645 MB