2200 Series Accessories

Adjustable Lane Guides

  • 2200 Belted conveyors only
  • UHMW guide surface on an anodized aluminum mounting rail
  • Painted Steel mounting hardware
  • Available in standard 1′ (305 mm) increments or can be ordered
    to any length
  • Part height: 5” (127 mm) maximum, 0.25” (7 mm) minimum
  • 0.25” (6mm) minimum lane width
  • Package includes (1) lane guide, mounting hardware and adjusting knobs
  • For conveyors up to 24″ (610 mm) wide – Consult factory for
    wider lane guide availability
  • Compatible with standard Dorner bolt-on profiles
  • Easily adjusts for quick product change over
  • Attach additional guides to create multiple lanes
  • Create lanes, plows, merges and transfers
  • Order additional lane kits separately

Flared Side Guides

Flared Side Guides

  • 2200 Belted conveyors only
  • Guides parts onto conveyor belt surface
  • Includes metric mounting hardware







90° Adjustable Transfer Guides

  • 2200 Belted conveyors only
  • For conveyors up to 12” (305 mm) wide
  • Requires low side conveyors
  • 0.25” (6 mm) minimum part thickness, 0.88” (22 mm) minimum product size
  • Hard coat anodized transfer plate
  • Painted steel mounting hardware
  • 48” (1,219 mm) long UHMW outside turn guide
  • Maximum recommended part weight is 20 lbs (9 kg) at 50 ft/min (15 m/min) belt speed. Consult factory regarding applications for
  • higher product weights or faster belt speeds.
  • 0.88″ (22 mm) minimum product size for 2200 Series
  • Package includes outside turn guide, guide wheel, adjustable mounting hardware and extruded aluminum transfer plate.
  • Pre-engineered guided turns adjust to a variety of products
  • Accepts standard Dorner bolt-on profiles outside of transfer area
  • Place adjusting rods where required
  • Easily adjusts for quick product change-over

Bottom Wiper

  • Used to remove debris from the belt or eliminate a pinch point if conveyor end is mounted on a surface close to the return belt.



Drive Accessories

Flexible Coupling A

  • 12 mm bore x 0.38″ hex
  • Includes SAE set screws



Flexible Coupling B

  • 12 mm bore x 12 mm bore
  • Includes metric set screws



Clear Cover

  • Fits 2200 light load top mount and standard and heavy load top and bottom mount packages




Spline Shaft

  • Compatible with Precision Move Gang Mid Drive




T-Slot Accessories

Spring T-Nut

  • Retains position in T-Slot




  • Mounts in T-slots to attach heavy accessories



T-Bolts & T-Nuts

  • Mounts in T-slots to attach accessories
  • 1/2 turn install and remove
  • T-nut requires thread lock screw



T-Slot Dust Cover

  • Black plastic extrusion
  • Snaps into conveyor and aluminum stand T-slots
  • Can be trimmed to fit



T-Slot Extenders

  • Provides additional T-slots to the end of the conveyor
  • Includes mounting brackets and hardware
  • Metric fasteners


Mounting Brackets

Adjustable Height Bracket

  • Provides height adjustment
  • (2) Height ranges
  • Includes mounting hardware




Table Top Mounting Bracket

  • Includes metric mounting hardware



Frame Mount Casters

  • Compatible with 2200 Belted conveyors only
  • Includes metric mounting hardware
  • Provides floor to T-Slot height of 4.94″ (125 mm)



Floor Mount Brackets

  • Includes metric mounting hardware
  • Provides floor to T-Slot height of 4.81″ (122 mm)




End Stops

Adjustable End Stops

  • Slides up and down T-slot length
  • Includes metric mounting hardware




Fixed End Stops

  • Fixed at end of conveyors
  • Anodized aluminum stop
  • Includes tail plates and mounting hardware


Roller Conveyor End Stop

  • For roller stop conveyors
  • Includes metric mounting hardware


Pulley Transfer Plates

  • 2200 Belted Conveyor Only
  • Enables the transfer of product that is a 0.88” (22 mm) minimum.
  • 300 series stainless steel transfer plate



Motion Control

In-Line Cord Emergency Stop Kit

  • Push to stop/pull to start push button
  • Plastic NEMA 12 enclosure
  • 115V single phase
  • 1/2 hp (0.37 kW) and smaller motors
  • Includes power and outlet cords
  • Mounting for 2200 and support stands
  • Horizontal or vertical mount

Side Tables

  • Provides a 6” (152 mm) or 12” (305 mm) wide working surface
  • Adjusts in/out and up/down (0.25″ max above bedplate) for product transfer on/off conveyor belts
  • Can be positioned anywhere along the conveyor
  • Anodized aluminum work surface
  • Max load: 5 lbs/ft (6 kg/m), use Adjustable Tie Brackets for added capacity
  • Available in 1′ (305 mm) increments from 1′ (305 mm) to 99′ (30,175 mm)